In light of the latest COVID-19 government measures, catering for weddings, office parties, birthday parties, and all other events is currently not available until further notice.

Live Station Putu Piring

Are you planning for a Special Event? Festive celebration? Wedding? Birthday Parties? Private Events or Corporate Events? Having a hard time to choose the perfect food for your event? Do you know that we also provide live station for your event?

For every event, food plays an important role in making the event a success or a failure. This is why we ensure our Putu Piring is freshly made without including any added preservatives or food colors. That Putu Piring Girl has several years of experience in Putu Piring live station catering featuring our best Putuly Putu Piring Girl who will personally steam the putu for your special guests.

Why choose That Putu Piring Girl for your live station?

Simple experience of local culture and a taste of local delicacy

If your guests come from different cultures and background, to get to know one of Singapore local delicacy will be an interesting experience. Impress your guests with Putu Piring unique way of cooking and introduce to them one of Malay popular dessert. If your event is attended by guests who do not know each other, our live station will also help the guests to break the ice. Our friendly Putuly will show your guests how a simple 3 ingredients can do wonders with her steaming equipment and steaming skill.

Limited space event?

If you are worried about the limited space at your venue, you don't have to worry because our Putu Piring station is quite easy to set up and it does not require a lot of space for the steaming, with just 2 table space and 1 electrical point. Whether your event is indoors or outdoors, it is not a problem at all for us.

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